Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Let me ask you this, who wants to drink tainted water? PUR water filters have a reputation for being the best in home water purification. Therefore if you want your family to have clean drinking water you need a PUR water filtration system.

Keep drinking chemical- and odor-free water with a new PUR water filter. This pack of three replacement filters fits PUR’s Ultimate Water Filtration Dispenser and Pitcher. They reduce cadmium, cryptosporidium, giardia, lead, mercury, asbestos, copper, zinc, and sediment 96 to 99.99 percent; plus lessen chlorine levels and discoloration. PUR’s filters are made with activated carbon to reduce chlorine and sediment, and include an ion-exchange resin that helps eliminate lead and copper. For best results, filters should be changed every 40 gallons. While PUR filters rid water of many chemicals, coloration, and bad flavors, they do not soften water or remove fluoride.

In fact people like this product so much they have this to say about it:
"I'm currently a college student living with 5 other guys and we use Brita filter at the apartment. When you cook with Brita filter, you can't taste a thing, but when you just drink the water, it taste like tap/toilet water. It also leaves those black stuff (part of the filter) on the bottom of the container. Personally, that's just weird and nasty, but maybe people like eating those filter-particles.

Back at home, my family use Pur water filter and I have to say, you can definitely taste the difference. I think that the water filtered by Pur taste like Fiji water. It's awesome. Instead of buying those ridiculously-good-looking bottled Fiji water, I bought huge water containers and take water filtered from home to my school apartment and just drink it myself."